What is this?

This is the official website of the Haruwan Embassy, also known as my portfolio/art/rambling page full of exciting works done by me throughout the years.

Who am I?

I am Jorge Luis Espinosa Barrientos, undergad studying at Universidad de las Américas Puebla, México.
I'm on my 12th semester of Digital Animation and Design of Visual Information. (yes, that's two majors I'm studying)

Among other things, I enjoy illustration and motion graphics, I love writing and worldbuilding as well.

Why "Embassy"? What do the sections mean?

The name "Haruwa" originates from the fictional country of a story I wrote a long time ago but never finished, I didn't drop the name, though, I reused it for other worldbuilding projects.
As for "Embassy", since the name comes from a fictional country, the embassy's page would then catalogue various documents fro foreigners and citizens, thus the subsections "Gallery", "Cinema" and "Library" refer to different kinds of media I've produced. The Gallery hosts images, the Cinema hosts videos and animation, and the Library hosts Written works.

Make sure to check out Atonik's webpage as well, since he's the one that convinced me to start web development, go throw him some hate mail if you're feeling so inclined.