Bobiasde's WIP

What is this

I'll be using this webpage as a creative outlet where I will post anything from portfolio work, to world building texts, illustrations, or ramblings about stuff I find interesting or enjoyable.


I already paid for the domain.

Besides, I need a webpage I can fully call my own, one where I can post whatever I feel like without having to worry about, say, if a blog site or social media suddenly implodes, and deletes all of my hosted work on a whim.

It looks ugly as sin, when will there be real content?

I'm still figuring this whole web development business, I know nothing of CSS, JavaScript, etc., and the visual result of the webpage will obviosly be worked on as time passes and I either get better at web design or get someone who knows what they're doing to help me.

I don't want to simply ask an AI to design the webpage for me, as I do need to learn how to do it myself, and making an AI re-write a visual identity, in code form, over and over again, would turn annoying really quickly.

Sounds exhausting

Yup, but it's good practice. Blame my friend Atonik for convincing me to join on this journey with him.

You can send him some hate mail over at his own lil' webpage here.